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Your factory antenna refused to operate and you're not able to enjoy your favorite radio station or get GPS signals? Replace it with one of the Metra antennas at CARiD! With Metra you would be able to replace the whole assembly, including mast, coax and base, choose the length, shape, style and color of antenna you prefer. No other brand offers such a big variety of automotive antennas as Metra!

All their antennas fit and attach just like the original units, while giving you the original look and performance. They are made of stainless steel for superior durability and longer service. Metra antennas have undergone materials testing and are optimized for optimum reception.

Watch full review and installation of Metra antennas here:

Metra™ | Stereo Dash Kits, Electronics, Audio Installation -

With Metra antenna on you can be sure that it will function for years and won't let you down!
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