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I'm considering installing a ham radio into my truck. Since I don't want to drive around in a porcupine, I'm looking at options that either limit the number of new antennas or rearrange to not actually add any new antennas. The latter is preferred.

Looking through Nissan's parts website I found diagrams with parts listed that didn't actually apply to the vehicle, namely instead of the normal XM antenna on the center of the roof, there was a depiction of a shark-fin antenna. I didn't dig like crazy (ie, didn't try all fourteen model years of Frontier and Xterra and all eight years of Pathfinder and all trim levels of each year) so I couldn't find firm part numbers, but it looks like they might have initially made a parts list to use a combined over-the-air antenna and satellite antenna in a single small package on the roof just aft of the windshield even if they never actually implemented it as an option package. I kept finding both 28228M and 28228N, one being the convex dome that we have on our XM-equipped Frontiers, the other being the shark-fin.

I then looked up Infiniti and found that they sold vehicles that lacked a long mast antenna entirely. It appears that cars like the Q50 have all of the features of the antenna integrated into a single shark-fit form factor, with a footprint that looks a lot like the Frontier's XM's footprint, just with the middle fin. Unfortunately I did not yet find good information on the wiring harness to know how that antenna, if it's dual-function, is connected to the radio, but if it has separate outputs for the two functions then perhaps it could be swapped into our trucks as the AM/FM+XM antenna. This would free-up the current mounting point on the cowl next to the fender for a ham radio antenna.

Alternately, it looks like at least some years of the Australian Navara have a short euro-type mast antenna mounted where our North American Frontiers have that XM antenna, and that these trucks lack the traditional cowl/fender mast:

Worst case, since I don't have satellite radio and don't intend to pay for it, perhaps I could source one of these antennas and the cable that connects it into the dash, and then with that supplying AM/FM for commercial broadcast, use the fender/cowl location for a ham radio antenna. It would mean two mast antennas, albeit one much shorter than the other in normal conditions, but for long-distance road trips it might allow for replacing the short euro-type with a long mast for better rural FM reception.

Have you considered any such modification for your truck for ham radio or even just for antenna-delete for four wheeling?


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