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Replace stereo and speakers and maybe a lift? 2012 Pro 4X

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Hi there, So I have a stock 2012 Pro 4X that I bought brand new a few years ago and I have a couple of questions for your more experienced members here. It is getting close to needing new tires as the stock tires are nearing the end of their life. I want something a little more "aggressive" looking than stock. Maybe a little wider? But will anything bigger rub? Stock looks pretty tight in there. And if I do go bigger do I need to lift the truck at all? Suggestions??????

Next question: I want to replace the stereo. Ever seen one with a backup camera? And will a new stereo fully integrate into the steering wheel controls? It would be nice to be able to still use them.
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You got 5 years out of a set of tires? My pocket book wishes that was the case.
Just rolled 34,000 miles on the stock tires
Dang. I average about 27000 a year. I'm lucky if I get two winters out of a set of tires
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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