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Replace oil filter on 2010 Frontier SE V6 ?

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So this is my first oil change on my new truck .I picked up some Castrol 5w30 & a K&N Oil filter. I removed the oil plug and drained oil ,then I searched for the oil filter ,and all I find is a polished aluminum capped thing with a strange end and a few screws and nuts on the end. Is this the filter ,and how do I remove it ? Thanks for any help!!
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I think it was the starter Solenoid??? LOl
I figure the dealership wants every penny out of us ie : sales/parts/service and they hide the filter & and super torque it to discourage any do it your selfers.

This is gonna be fun at 7:00 AM and 88* F while trying to get 3 kids ready for school tomorrow morning! Wish I had an old rubber jar opener cloth like my grandma used to have!! I have a ratchet attachment filter wrench.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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