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Replace oil filter on 2010 Frontier SE V6 ?

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So this is my first oil change on my new truck .I picked up some Castrol 5w30 & a K&N Oil filter. I removed the oil plug and drained oil ,then I searched for the oil filter ,and all I find is a polished aluminum capped thing with a strange end and a few screws and nuts on the end. Is this the filter ,and how do I remove it ? Thanks for any help!!
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Hopefully the oil filter isn't on there as tight as mine was. Had to punch through with a screwdriver to get the right torque on it.
i looked like an emo kid after i got done, my wrist was all cut up
I hear ya. The dealers do it anytime they change the oil too. I had them do the first one just because I was at school and really didn't have an idea where else to go. After my struggle to break it loose tho, I'm never going somewhere to get something like that done
Is anyone else curious on what the OP was actually looking at when he thought it was the oil filter?
Yeah but i didn't want to be the jacka** that asked it :smileyshell:
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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