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Replace oil filter on 2010 Frontier SE V6 ?

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So this is my first oil change on my new truck .I picked up some Castrol 5w30 & a K&N Oil filter. I removed the oil plug and drained oil ,then I searched for the oil filter ,and all I find is a polished aluminum capped thing with a strange end and a few screws and nuts on the end. Is this the filter ,and how do I remove it ? Thanks for any help!!
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all the ones from the factory feel like they are torqued down ridiculously tight. it will take some major effort to get that first one off, took me quite a while to do mine
i always oil the new seal before tightening it down and never had an issue with it coming back off when the next oil change is due. i think it's that the factory puts the filter on dry and all the heat cycles in combo with the filter being super torqued down mean it's crazy hard to get loose that first time, especially if trying to do it through the skid plate like i did. i looked like an emo kid after i got done, my wrist was all cut up
lol yea dubie
that would make sense :laugh:
be brave!
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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