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Reno area trails 1/30 & 1/31

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I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to join us. Come on out and help me celebrate my return to the trail and my birthday both in one fabulous weekend!

For this run skid plates and sliders are strongly recommended and off road tires along with front and rear recovery points are mandatory.

The following trails have been chosen for their scenery and may change depending on weather conditions. During the past week the snow has gotten so deep on some trails that they are now impassable. This could change prior to this meet and effect the trail selections.

Saturday, Jan 30th - meet at 9am at Lockwood Market, 200 Canyon Way, Sparks, NV 89434
This run will head east on Hwy 80 to Fernley NV and north to Prozac Canyon and feature fun climbs and fire roads in open country with wild horses and burro's. Time permitting we may also visit an abandoned mine.

Sunday, Jan 31st - meet at 9am at Lockwood Market, 200 Canyon Way, Sparks, NV 89434
This run will include the Petroglyph's and some trails in the historical Virginia City area.

1. BCBrian sat/sun 100%
2. JeniorNV sat/sun 100%
3. Wolfman437 and family sat 100%
4. Kia dude sun 100%
5. Jen's folks sat 100%/sun maybe
6. SixSpeedSV sat/sun 100%
7. pointmann1029 sat 100%
8. jbumx2 sat 100%
9. Mr. Scott sun maybe
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Reno Area Trails - all in

sixspeed-sv party of 2 will be attending. Should be a good trip. ::smile::

Forecast this afternoon calls for wet conditions-- goin muddin!
Prepare for it.
into the eye of the storm

We should be easy on the gas and two hands on the wheel as it is the mantra when chasing this storm (like pamplona, Spain). good to see BCBrian and wolfman will run ahead of the main front. jbum2x? and I will depart late afternoon and tempt fate to cross the pass before midnight to arrive in sparks for a craps game. winner on the opening roll...... 7 and 11 pay.

roll easy and steady as we go.

we have a fall back position if road closure is ordered.
light the fires and kick the tires!


Good day. Some sun and some snow fluries ..


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we were held at Verdi at 4pm for overturned rig to be cleared. - delay was just over an hour. a subaru went into a ditch on the side road we were que'd on as a tow truck flatbed was going against traffic toward the ramp closure. that was fun. we could not winch it from our spot so i stopped a Yota to use his winch to pull it back onto the road. fun stuff when waiting for the road to open.
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