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Reno area fall colors run 10/24 and 10/25

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Sat Oct 10/24: Hunter Lake Trail. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Sun Oct 10/25: Peavine Mountain, west side. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Hoping for fall colors.

Both these trails are stock *doable*. I have successfully spotted a completely stock Toyota Tundra through both trails with no damage. Having said that, there are rocks on both trails and even with a spotter there is potential for your rig to receive bumps and bruises. Requirements are 4WD, at least one recovery point, and no step rails/nerf bars. Mud flap removal recommended.


1. JeniorNV - both days

2. MKNV - Sat

3. TruckIt - both days

4. jbumx2 - both days

5. Token Taco - Sat

6. pointmann1029 - Sat

7. Pathung - Sat

8. kode3 - Sat

9. Mr_Scott - maybe?
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This is weird, the other other local club just did peavine last weekend and it was mostly green.
Agreed^ You'll be fine::smile::
Definitely maybe>:D
Super bummed I missed you guys today! Didn't get home till late last night and had too much to do this am. Not sure I could've talked my :moon: into being in a car seat all day again either!

I'll see ya tomorrow AM>:D
I truly hope that nobody felt overwhelmed.
I was terrified from the time we left till we hit pavement again!>:D

No, I had fun. As always! Thanks Jenn.

Jbumx2 it was nice meeting you. You did great man. Handled it like a seasoned veteran.

Truckit, it was cool to finally wheel with you. (Last CF meet I showed up in a Versa)
I wonder if there's anything north of Sacramento or in the CA Gold Country that we can hit?
TONS of awesome up that way!
Is this where we plan to have the next run? ::grin::::grin::
Spring time for sure.
I was gonna wait for Jenn to post her pics but shes lagging and i get yelled at when i make her post them so......a few pics from Sunday::grin::

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I just noticed that the one rock obstacle on HLT has been stacked like crazy since I was last up there:frown:
1 - 9 of 186 Posts
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