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Reno area fall colors run 10/24 and 10/25

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Sat Oct 10/24: Hunter Lake Trail. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Sun Oct 10/25: Peavine Mountain, west side. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Hoping for fall colors.

Both these trails are stock *doable*. I have successfully spotted a completely stock Toyota Tundra through both trails with no damage. Having said that, there are rocks on both trails and even with a spotter there is potential for your rig to receive bumps and bruises. Requirements are 4WD, at least one recovery point, and no step rails/nerf bars. Mud flap removal recommended.


1. JeniorNV - both days

2. MKNV - Sat

3. TruckIt - both days

4. jbumx2 - both days

5. Token Taco - Sat

6. pointmann1029 - Sat

7. Pathung - Sat

8. kode3 - Sat

9. Mr_Scott - maybe?
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We will do our best to make either weekend, just may need to find coverage for Sue if it is the 24th weekend.
Looks like I will be be doing this one solo. But should be fun.
Room is booked for 3 nights. Weather better be on our side!

Maybe on the way home I should test drive the 6 speed Frontier in Stockton and see how much they would give me for my 4 cyl sight unseen!
So, you have been, now where are we going next week instead? ;)
Do I need to bring Skittles?
that's funny, I checked boomtown yesterday and they had nothing that night. You must be special. :)
I used Boomtown's site. Maybe they reserve some for Orbitz.

What time should you arrive? I might leave Livermore by Noon on Friday, but am staying at La Quinta farther into Reno. Have stayed there a number of times in the past and 61 a night is not bad.

Jen, I forgot to ask, how deep will the water be? I really need to do the axle vent mod one of these days.......
I have a few tow straps, as long as you walk them out to your truck and the winch line is long enough we will drag you out, but if it is not long enough you will have to just leave it there and report it stolen as I am not driving through it either. :)
Time to pack and get on the road, see everyone in the morning!
OK, made it here, even at 2 pm traffic leaving the bay area really sucked right up to the far side of Sacramento then it was smooth sailing. Remembered where Costco was so got some gas and some ok food from Dickies and now just sitting in the room watching TV and looking at the board. Appears I do the same thing after dinner no matter where I am.

Looking forward to the morning!
If I remember right, the gas station is down behind boomtown, is it not? I had thought you had meant the Shell where we crossed the highway last year so I better make sure I go to the right place.
You know, you have to say it three times if you really want me to take you seriously. :)
OK Jen, I will check before I go tomorrow and try to have what you are Kraveing, but I had left by the time that was posted to go and get breakfast.

As for today, this should sum it up.

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The weekend was fun. Wish more people would have stayed for day 2, it was quite a fun run that was just a slight bit more challenging.
Though I am really glad I always stay Sunday night and drive home Monday. Was able to go at or above the limit the entire way back to Livermore with leaving Reno about 10 am and then took it for a rotate and balance since America's tire is on the way home. Now it is ready for the next few road trips to Vegas!
See, Frontiers and Xterras can be friends!

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Nah, they are just shaking hands.
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