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Reno area fall colors run 10/24 and 10/25

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Sat Oct 10/24: Hunter Lake Trail. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Sun Oct 10/25: Peavine Mountain, west side. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Hoping for fall colors.

Both these trails are stock *doable*. I have successfully spotted a completely stock Toyota Tundra through both trails with no damage. Having said that, there are rocks on both trails and even with a spotter there is potential for your rig to receive bumps and bruises. Requirements are 4WD, at least one recovery point, and no step rails/nerf bars. Mud flap removal recommended.


1. JeniorNV - both days

2. MKNV - Sat

3. TruckIt - both days

4. jbumx2 - both days

5. Token Taco - Sat

6. pointmann1029 - Sat

7. Pathung - Sat

8. kode3 - Sat

9. Mr_Scott - maybe?
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If we do these trails too late in the year, not only do we miss half the point, but the greater the likelihood of running into snow... :-/
Reno area fall colors run?

This will likely be the weekend of 10/24 but I will know more this evening and hope to make a decision then.

I'll try to get another run going later in the year since I know some of you will have to miss out on this one, but it won't be high elevation trails like these.
I decided to do my scouting trip after work today and found this. :( These damn trees are too unpredictable.


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Have you ever checked out the trails near Boca reservoir? They any good?

That pic was taken about 5 miles from Stampede Reservoir.

Near Boca though? Not many.
Wow .... If you like those fall colors in the Reno area the "show" that we get here in east Tennessee would really amaze you! :)

At their peak, they obviously have a little more color than this :p...but golden aspens and blooming rabbitbrush is about the extent of our "fall colors." I'm sure Tennessee is gorgeous in the fall.
Reno area fall colors run?

This is weird, the other other local club just did peavine last weekend and it was mostly green.

PM or FB me a link...

What part of Peavine were they on? I was on the Verdi side. At around 5000 ft in elevation, there were young trees that were still yellowish-green. This pic was taken at 6000 ft. The younger trees nearby still had some orange leaves, but they were already losing them. I was surprised at the difference 1000 ft made. At higher elevations I would expect even fewer leaves.

The trees in this pic are about the same size and around the same elevation as the ones at Squeeze Rock. I wish I'd had time to check out that side of the mountain...maybe the situation is less bleak?

Anyone know how quickly aspens go from yellow-green to bald? It's not something a desert dweller gets to witness much...
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Apparently this was on a different part of Peavine this past weekend.

Now I don't know what to think.


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Reno area fall colors run?

OK, I'm making it official. They're fun trails regardless.

Hunter Lake Trail on Sat 10/24.

West side of Peavine Mountain on Sun 10/25.

I will cancel in the event of snow/rain/mud/ice.

And I'll probably scout out one or both trails this weekend anyway.

Lol! Just go anyway, those two trails that you're planning on sound like fun; the elevation-gain alone is interesting. How long will it take from bottom to top?

The elevation gain is big. Peavine climbs from about 5K to 8K; HLT goes to around 9K.

We'll probably finish with HLT around late afternoon and Peavine around mid-day, but the exact run time will depend on a lot of factors.

Jen, I'm interested... Are you thinking a day trip or camping?

There is camping in the area, but people typically find a hotel or just come for the day.
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Reno area fall colors run?

Which trail is harder? The one on Sat or Sun? My truck is lifted but I absolutely have no armor... :frown:

As I said earlier, both trails can certainly be done in a stock rig (remove your step rails though!) but both do have some rocks and you may find them to be a little challenging. You will find these trails to be trickier than the ones we did at Hollister.

I plan on taking it slow with this group and spotting everyone through the trickier sections, so don't worry about getting in over your head.

If I had to pick one, I'd say Peavine is the easier of the two.

I think we will run HLT "backwards" (west to east) to make the worst section less challenging. This trail has some medium sized rocks (mostly avoidable), plenty of ruts that need to be straddled, and one creek bed section that some may find a little tricky. There is one spot with two large boulders that can't be avoided. For rigs without rock sliders, it *must* be taken at an angle to prevent hitting the rocker panels. I will definitely get out and spot people through this obstacle.

Peavine has a couple sections that are peppered with small boulders. These sections can be bypassed if people want to, but the bypass is long and these areas shouldn't pose too much of a problem with a spotter. Peavine also has Squeeze Rock, which I don't recommend bypassing because it's a good photo op. :)

I make all of my recommendations in good faith and am happy to spot anyone through anything, but you are ultimately responsible for your own rig. Any time you take a vehicle off road, you have to accept that you are putting it at risk. Furthermore, trail conditions can sometimes change from year to year.

Any hotel recommendations? Sadly, I have only stayed in the casino hotels the times I've visited Reno, so I don't have much familiarity with the area. I will most likely have both kids with me again for this trip. :crying:

I'll ask around. Casino hotels are all I've ever stayed in too. ;)

These trails are west of Reno, and we'll plan on meeting in Verdi both days.
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My sliders will ship in two weeks - again, just a bit late for this trip, if I were to make it :serious: I'd happily do it without the sliders, though, seeing how fun this could be.

I hope you make it.
Reno area fall colors run?

Well, looks like I'm out for this one as well!

I don't want to take the ford yet, I'll have to remove the steps and fab up some

Rock guards/skids for it.

You know that virtually nobody in this group has skids and that most of them have less wheeling experience than you, right? :p
Sat Oct 10/24: Hunter Lake Trail. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Sun Oct 10/25: Peavine Mountain, west side. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

First post has been updated.

Please let me know whether you are planning on attending and which day(s).
Attendance list added to the first post. Let me know whether any changes need to be made. :cool:
Spoiler alert.

Much prettier in person.

EDIT: And for those of you in Tennessee...yes, these are the kinds of fall colors those of us in Reno get excited about. :laugh:


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So, you have been, now where are we going next week instead? ;)

Haha. I was actually on a different part of Peavine than where we'll be going next weekend.

I also saw some large aspen groves that were almost completely bare (much like the pic I posted earlier this week). It's pretty dry up there. :-/ Hopefully the trees that still have leaves will hang onto them until after next weekend.
Hey Jen, how long do you think the Sat run will take? Thanks

I expect we'll finish late afternoon/early evening? Typically this is about a 6 hour trail, but a lot of factors play into how long a run will take and it's always hard to predict an exact end time.
Are we all doing the all you can eat lobster buffet after? ::grin::::grin::

You can do whatever you want, but I'll need to go home after the trail before I'd be able to go anywhere else.

The trail actually exits in Reno though, not Verdi.
Are you fairly close to downtown Reno? Dinner with the crew on Sat. night might be a fun idea, kinda like a campfire chill-out after a day of wheeling.

I'm about 20 min from downtown Reno.

We can play it by ear.
Just a reminder since there is still some daylight left this weekend...

I've already mentioned this a couple times but it is important enough to bear repeating. If you have nerf bars installed (a couple of you do), *please* remove them before next weekend. Nerf bars on HLT will make for a bad time. Those of us who are off road veterans refer to things like nerf bars and bull bars as "damage multipliers" because when they are hit, they tend to cause more damage to the vehicle than if there was nothing there at all.

I only nag because I care. :)


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