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Reno area fall colors run 10/24 and 10/25

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Sat Oct 10/24: Hunter Lake Trail. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Sun Oct 10/25: Peavine Mountain, west side. Meet at the Chevron at Boomtown (I-80 exit 4) at 9:30 am.

Hoping for fall colors.

Both these trails are stock *doable*. I have successfully spotted a completely stock Toyota Tundra through both trails with no damage. Having said that, there are rocks on both trails and even with a spotter there is potential for your rig to receive bumps and bruises. Requirements are 4WD, at least one recovery point, and no step rails/nerf bars. Mud flap removal recommended.


1. JeniorNV - both days

2. MKNV - Sat

3. TruckIt - both days

4. jbumx2 - both days

5. Token Taco - Sat

6. pointmann1029 - Sat

7. Pathung - Sat

8. kode3 - Sat

9. Mr_Scott - maybe?
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There is camping in the area, but people typically find a hotel or just come for the day.
Any hotel recommendations? Sadly, I have only stayed in the casino hotels the times I've visited Reno, so I don't have much familiarity with the area. I will most likely have both kids with me again for this trip. :crying:
I'll ask around. Casino hotels are all I've ever stayed in too. ;)
No worries. I have no problem staying in the casino hotels. They probably offer the best deals as well.

I'd look into Circus Circus in Reno - could be fun for the kids ::smile::
Good idea!
Jr I owe you a beer. Hope you can make it.
There's gonna be water?:woot::woot:
We need to get a snorkel group buy going ASAP!::grin::
I'm leaving Livermore around 3:30 - 4:00 this afternoon. I'm hoping traffic won't be too crazy. See everyone tomorrow.
Great trip with wonderful folks! Big thanks to Jen for setting this up and being our trail leader. Here's a few teasers until I sort out my photos.

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Pictures from day 1 on the Hunter Lake Trail...

We got on the trail shortly after 9:30 a.m. It was a beautiful day for adventure with crisp fall temperatures.

Epic scenery all around...

We made our first stop at a communications tower installation to enjoy the views. This is looking directly at Peavine Peak, which those of us staying the night would visit the next day. I believe that's Verdi or Boomtown below.

When we got back on the trail, Pathung spotted this gorgeous whitetail. I was lucky to get this shot just before he turned around and walked away.

Passing by Big Meadow... it was definitely big! Would have been nice to stop a few minutes to enjoy and soak it all in.

We stopped to evaluate a shallow water crossing. Mud on the left side and decent size rocks on the right. I think most of us went left.

To be continued...
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Day 1 part 2...

Nytkshr animation, courtesy of Google photos!

We stopped for lunch at Hunter Lake.

Here she is in all her glory! ::grin:: Water is just a bit low this time of year. (Actually, according to Jen, she has never seen Hunter Lake with any water for as long as she can remember. It seems the lake dried out many years ago.)

Our fearless leader...

Some gratuitous mudding pictures from the three brave souls that decided to conquer the mud bog...

To be continued...
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Day 1 part 3...

Pointman's truck still looks super clean even after going though the mud. I don't think he hit it fast enough. ::grin::

Success! We found fall colors after all. Can you find Jen's truck?

Reno in the background.

Jen showing us how it's done.

Another picture of Reno.. Oh and there's also my truck in there! (Five year old is playing on the phone in the backseat. :comphead:)

This is us coming down the mountain and nearing the end of our day's adventure. I think I can speak for everyone and say that we all had a blast!

Except for Pathung... he couldn't wait to leave! Just kidding, of course. ::grin::

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^Your pics aren't working for me on my work computer or my smartphone. :(
Same here...
Same here, on home laptop. Except the TruckIt Gif.
Stay tuned... working on it.
Well this is really weird. I guess Google photos does not like it when you link to their photos. This might take a while...
The weekend was fun. Wish more people would have stayed for day 2, it was quite a fun run that was just a slight bit more challenging.
Though I am really glad I always stay Sunday night and drive home Monday. Was able to go at or above the limit the entire way back to Livermore with leaving Reno about 10 am and then took it for a rotate and balance since America's tire is on the way home. Now it is ready for the next few road trips to Vegas!
Day 2 was definitely more challenging for me. I was doing stuff I've never done before for sure. But then again, Jen makes it all look easy, so with me following her it wasn't so bad. Peavine was a totally different feel than HLT, in a good way. Unfortunately, wasn't able to take as many pictures on day 2.

Yeah I wish I could've stayed another night. After a whole day on the trail,then 3.5 hours back home, I was beat.

Great shots! Thanks for sharing.
No problem. That was a fun day for sure.
GREAT PHOTOS, jbmux2! And I loved reading your captions; we'll need you to come along on EVERY trip, to fulfill your role as Team Photographer/Adventure-Recorder. ::laugh::
Thanks Patrick! I started adding notes and captions to help me remember these trips better.
Day 2 pictures:

The drive up to Peavine wasn't technical, but the landscape was amazing. Something about the sparse vegetation and wide open sky made it feel like driving on a different planet... at least for me. ::grin::

There was one hill on the way to the peak that was fun. It was tall, steep, and loose... just enough for fully aired tires to break traction, according to Truckit. I didn't get to take a picture going up, unfortunately.:comphead: Here's Nytkshr and Mr_Scott coming down.

The kid took this picture of our co-pilot. She loves going offroad as much as we do!::grin::

Almost to the top. The trail becomes a gravel road.

Looking east towards Reno from the peak.

Another, this time looking to the south.

We didn't get to stay long. The winds kicked up and it was time to get out there.

Big salt flat in the distance. Anybody know what it's called? I'll see if I can google some info on it later.

As we descended lower, more trees and fall colors started to appear.

The trail also started to become more technical and really fun as we passed through the forest. Unfortunately, this was about when I ran out of room in my camera. Glad that Mr_Scott was able to take some pictures of the rocky stuff. Thanks again to Jen for organizing this run. :ugogirl: Had a great time and met a lot of nice people. Can't wait to do it again next year!
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See, Frontiers and Xterras can be friends!

Are you sure? It kinda looks like they're fighting for the same spot!:laugh:
...with the same tires.

Hey I noticed a greenish tint in most of your photos - did you notice and do you know why?
I didn't notice... I wonder if it's due to using a really old Nikon D50 with a crappy lens, or letting Google Photos automatically enhance the photos? Is there a photo where the greenish tint is especially noticeable?
I was finally able to upload the pics, see link below

HLT 10-24-2015 Slideshow by pointman1029 | Photobucket

If any of them were taken by you, I apologize, I just downloaded everything I have on my phone...
Thanks pointmann! Now I get to reminisce about that day again!::grin:: When can we go wheel again?

Both these trails are covered in snow now.
We got a good amount of rain here in the Bay Area this morning. Washed off most of the mud on the under carriage! ::grin::
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