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Removing 'Under Fairing' for easy oil changes?

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Hello all,
Bought my first Frontier a month ago after always having Toyota trucks.

I was looking under the front of the truck to see where the oil filter is and how access to the oil drain plug was.
I was shocked to find it hidden behind a plastic 'Under Fairing' with a tiny removable cover on it for 'access' to the oil filter. :surprise:

Well I decided to get a closer look and started by removing the fairing....
Voila! THERE IT IS! Easy Access ::grin::

I kept looking for a reason for the fairing other than to act as a splash guard for habitual off roaders.
OK I can understand that.
But I am always careful before just removing something that is in the way on something like this.

I kept looking at the bottom of the radiator and oil coolers....
And how Nissan went to the trouble of gluing a gray flexible 'curtain' that hangs down from the bottom of the coolers and apparently bottoms out on the 'Under Fairing'.
Presumably to direct the incoming air THRU the coolers and to not let any escape out below them.

Does this make any sense to anybody??? :nerd:

I have filled the 'gap' with a flexible 'plate'. And now the gray 'curtain' grounds out against my 'plate'.
It is certainly as effective a block as things were with the stock 'Under Fairing' in place.

Now, any mechanic has easy access to the oil filter etc. And I think I have maintained the integrity of the airflow thru the radiators. :angel:

I'd LOVE to hear any comments.
Perhaps I have made much to do about nothing???
Has anyone else removed the Under Fairing with no bad consequences???

Love my new truck. I think they ruined the 'New' Tacomas....
Nissan hasn't ruined the Frontier. YET! (Navarra) ::grin::
So I bought a nice NEW shiny 2017 Crew Cab Long Bed with the 4.0 engine
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I never realized the 2X4 has a plastic version of the sheet metal skid plate that the 4X4 comes with. With the low hanging plastic radiator on the Frontier, I'd recommend putting it back on so it can deflect anything that might damage the radiator or alternator. Even on a street only driven truck, it would not be hard for a piece of road debris to bounce up and cause some damage.

Welcome to the forum!
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