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Remote Transmission Filter

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Okay, in my quest for power and reliability I am at the point of clearing my auto transmission. I plan on dropping the pan and removing any build debris and replacing whatever trans oil at that time.

However, I am also interested in putting an inline remote transmission filter on so that all of the small particles and clutch material are regularly caught and cleaned.

For example the standard pan filter is good to somewhere around 100 - 120 micron objects. The engine oil filter is 20 - 40 microns and there are a LOT of aftermarket options that use inexpensive engine oil filters.

I am considering this option (remote transmission kit). It uses a PH253 oil filter which is about $5 at auto zone. It's cheap enough you could change it every other 2 or 3 oil changes.

In-line transmission filters & temperature gauges:

I got this idea from an article I read about how to help your car or truck go at least 300,000 miles. They mentioned that the auto trans fluid should have a better filter than what the factory offers.

Has anyone done this? What worked for you? I have a message into this company to see if their unit has a bypass valve so that if the filter gets plugged the oil can still go through the cooler and back to the tranny.
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I dont think i would mess with the trans pan if you are currently not haveing a problem with the trans. Just flush out the fluid as best as you can and install the filter on the return side of the oil cooler and be done with it.
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