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Remote starter alarm combo install prestige help

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so I desided to install my own remote starter alarm combo but I'm not sure out of all the thinner wires what is needed for the unit to get the truck to start.. I followed the wiring directions from bulldogsecurity with the relays and all but there are alot of thinner wires that say pulse ground before after and during and have no idea if I need them.. are there any installers that can help me out??? I would love to post a step by step install but need help getting it working first.. thanks alot
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I installed a different brand Alarm/Remote start combo and didn't have too much trouble. All the ignition wires can be accessed near the steering column under the dash and then you need a tachometer wire which can be accessed right behind the speedometer. The ignition switch wires are 10 or 12 guage.
The only thing I had a problem (not really a problem) is that both doors unlock instead of only the drivers door. You don't need a resistor like most recommend.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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