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Happy almost new year!

I am trying to install fog lights in my mostly prewired 2004 Frontier. The relay that is called for, I believe, is a 25230-79915 (or 17). I have in my possession a 25230-79945, which fits the spot and appears to be a normally open (what you want here). I cannot find anywhere what the amperage rating is, though.

Anyone know if I can us a 25230-79945 in the factory fog spot under the hood?

Also, as a side point, there is a tiny white connector in the steering column cowl that I believe I can switch (there to plug into stalk with fogs, which I am NOT using). Anyone know for sure? Don't want to fire airbags or anything stooopid!

Thanks for any info!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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