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Relatively simple build

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For those of you looking for a relatively simple audio set-up that can be done in two stages to help break up the price, take a look at my system.

Part I
Head-unit: Alpine IDX-200
No need for a CD player as I use the FM Radio or my IPOD only. Always had good luck with Alpine radios and I think they look pretty good.

Power source: Alpine Power Pack
45-watts RMS. Feeds the door speakers nicely. I didn't want one big 5-channel amp or two amps in the truck (after Part II). The Power Pack fits nicely behind the lower control panel (below the climate control panel) above the front portion of the center console. You would never know there was something back there.

Speakers: Polk Audio db 6.5's
Great speakers. Made the mistake of not specifying "non-shallow mount" but they sound great.

I lived with this set-up for about a year before upgrading with an amp and subwoofer. I read HKYstormfront's thread one too many times.

Part II
Amp: Kicker ZX 200.2
Bridged at 200-watts @ 4-ohms. Sits under drivers seat nicely.

Sub: Polk Audio 8" db
Single voice coil. Rated at 180-watts RMS.

System sounds good, not too loud, fills the cab of the truck nicely...
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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