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Redline Tuning Needs an '09 Frontier!

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So I was about to order some hood actuators, then realized they were made for an 05-08...I have an 09. So I emailed them and they said they don't think they will fit, but as soon as they get a test truck, they'll know.

I was going to volunteer my truck until I found out they are in Michigan...I'm in Jersey lol. Here's the email I got...

We are located in Dexter, Michigan...

Any volunteer with a couple hours of time can set up an appointment with
us and we'll work to get the system designed, and installation photos
shot. There is no cost to the volunteer for the system.

Redline Tuning

So somebody in that area with an 09 Fronty needs to hop on that, so I can get these for my truck!!
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last i knew there were no major changes between the 05-08 and the 09-10 models. if you take a couple pics of the under side of your hood on both sides as well as the inner finder where the hood sits we can compare to the 05-08's and see if there are any differences.
^^^ ya hood looks the same to me, underhood does as well from what i've seen
Go to a dealer who has an 08 on the used car lot and compare. I doubt there is any difference as stated above. I had a 2008 and a 2010 and they look alike under there.

Yea I know they are almost exact, but the front end is slightly different. Even if it is the same, this would be a good way for some lucky guy out there to get some free stuff put on his truck!
I dunno ... I (along with several others) with 09-10s have had some issues installing the Nissan OEM hood deflector. Nissan says the deflector fits, but it takes some serious finagalling to get the sucker on.
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