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Recommendations for Indash GPS/iPod

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Hey guys,
there's just so many options right now and I wanted to get a few opinions from the board on which HU i should get

of course, the cheaper the better, I don't want to spend more than $500 if possible. I just want an indash double din GPS headunit with iPod capability that'll fit in my 06 Fronty.

any ideas?
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here is the one I installed. Try Sonicelectonics for the best prices.

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Pioneer AVIC-X710BT Usually $499 with free shipping. I just noticed they are on back order at Sonic. There was a rebate with the X910 that actually made it about the same price , but I think that is gone now.

I posted a review. I think it is a great unit and a great price. I would wait for it. The IPOD and Bluetooth are top notch (shows album art and the BT is Parrot sourced), the sat radio interface (have to buy separate tuner) shows station art as well. The nav is pretty good (garmin prob a little better) and the screen is clear.

And, the sound is good thru stock speakers with several EQ and other settings. Has sub and preamp outs as well. IPOD connects on back so it can be hidden (I put it in the compartment above the glove box).

Looks OEM and the install, albeit a bit tedious depending on "add ons", is straight forward with install kit.

I highly recommend:thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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