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Recirculate question

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I'm just curious why my '10 Frontier disables the recirculate air feature when the controls are set to anything other than face vents only or face/floor. I will usually throw recirculate on when I'm driving past something smelly such as a dump, etc - but in the winter time when I'm most likely going to have the controls on feet only, you cant use recirculate until you switch it to feet/face (or face only).

Just curious what they were thinking with this.

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Understandably, it should not recirculate when any defrost mode is on (either full defrost, or defrost/foot). My previous vehicle behaved that way as well.

I am referring to the fact that when the position switch is in heat mode (feet only), recirculate is disabled.
the only time I run my 00 in recirculate is when I have the windows down blowing hot summer air out and trying to cool it off. otherwise, its on fresh air.
Try driving within a mile or two of a New York landfill, and you'd think otherwise ;)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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