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Recirculate question

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I'm just curious why my '10 Frontier disables the recirculate air feature when the controls are set to anything other than face vents only or face/floor. I will usually throw recirculate on when I'm driving past something smelly such as a dump, etc - but in the winter time when I'm most likely going to have the controls on feet only, you cant use recirculate until you switch it to feet/face (or face only).

Just curious what they were thinking with this.

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Anything that has to do with defrosting means that you want the humidity lower in the truck's interior than it currently is, the humidity will not get any lower if it's recirculating the same air over and over again, it even runs the AC pump when it's in a defrost vent mode, like most vehicles do. But yeah, you're right, the fact that it doesn't allow you to force it to recirc mode is just dumpy, but maybe there's a way to modify the controls to allow it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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