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Recall: Gas sender unit

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Not sure if thsi is old but....I was told today by my tech at the Nissan dealer there is a recall coming up about replacing the sending unit for the gas gauge/tank. Apparently alot of people have had issues because of the light not coming on and ton of people running out of gas due to improper fuel calculation. Basically you think you have way more gas than you do. I said my truck is an 06, he said it was for mine too. Hmm...
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Dang this guy has 2 sending units for $50. Is this the updated version part# 25060-ZZ00A?

05-Present Nissan fuel level sending unit part# 25060-ZZ00A
Yes it is. I just got mine replaced recently & it look's like the dealership replaced #25060-ZZ00A Gauge Assy.& #17342-EA000 Packing FU.
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