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Rear pinion seal

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So I have a leaking front differential seal on my truck. I have an '03 v-6 CCLB 4x4. The door sticker says I have a CA46 axle which according to the sticky up above means I have a c200 rear end. I usually buy my stuff at Autozone, but they say on their website that part #223542 fits my truck, but its for an R200a axle. RockAuto has a Timken 710245 that it says fits a C200b and H233bs axle. So which is it? :confused:
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Sorry, front pinion seal on the rear axle. Also, this is the second time it has happened. My pinion shaft seemed to be worn some the last time. How difficult is it to replace the pinion shaft? Is it total dis-assembly or easier than that? BTW, I have done the axle vent mod and the other seals seem to be fine and I don't have any bad noises coming from the rear end.
Hey, I'm running into the same issue now. Did you figure out what part it was? My rear diff pinion seal is leaking but when I search for the part on napa/advance/autozone it shows me the results for the H233 rear diff. Please let me know! Thanks
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