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Rear matching front

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Ok so in the next few months I'm looking to complete my titan swap on my frontier. Soo I just got a question with this.

Anybody figure out what to do to make the rear suspension kinda match with the front. Like I'm going to get 7-10 inches with the titan swap I'm doing with the tundra 1st Gen coilovers I'm doing but I don't want to have 7-10 inches in the front to and not have anything in the rear. I want it to lean a little but I want to be able to run 20 inch rims and 33 inch tires. Any ideas as to what could kinda squat it a little bit so it looks good bit would clear 20s n 33s? Any info helps and if you have done the coil bucket tundra coilovers that gets the 7-10 inches of lift in the front post pictures below I'd like to see how it looks thanks
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You are not going to get 7-10" of lift.You will get 7-10" of travel.
I believe you only get about 4" of lift with the Titan swap

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Oh ok yeah just read that ha sorry
In know this not a Frontier, but it'll help give you an idea. I have the Tundra 5100s with the Moog 81092 springs set on the second notch. I got between 3" and 3.5" of lift. My height measurements were identical between front and rear. I don't want my truck to squat, so I set my PRG shackles at the highest setting. In the back, I have OME springs with the PRG shackles. You should be able to run something similar, but keep the shackles set lower if you want squat.

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Oh ok got ya well guess that helps a little ha I didn't think shackles would go up in the height of 7-10 inches but that is wheel travel ha not lift so I guess I'll run shackles. Anybody know with the titan swap can you run 20s n 33s? I know the from would clear but the back I'm worried about
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