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Rear Diff. Bearings- Where should I Order from?

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Hey guys, I need to replace some bearings in the diff. on my 2004 Frontier 4x4.

Who is the best source to buy from? Rock Auto if they have them? My mechanic would like to buy direct from the local Nissan dealer, but I am guessing the cost will be more for bearings.

Do you guys have a good online part source?

Need help, and appreciate the response.


Is the John Lee Nissan parts online a credible source for parts?
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I've never heard of that dealer, but and and both reputable places to buy genuine Nissan parts if that's what you want to use. Both will likely be cheaper than the local dealer but you should have them give you the prices, then check those websites to make sure.

If it were me, for something like this I'd order a quality aftermarket piece from rock auto and be done with it.

What bearings specifically need replaced?
Dana 44s were not used in the first gen frontier.

Go to the thread stuck at the top f the first gen forum titled "hardbody and 1st gen axle info." That will tell you how to determine what Axles you have. And yes you will look at the axle code on the door sticker. That thread will help you decipher it.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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