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Rear Diff. Bearings- Where should I Order from?

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Hey guys, I need to replace some bearings in the diff. on my 2004 Frontier 4x4.

Who is the best source to buy from? Rock Auto if they have them? My mechanic would like to buy direct from the local Nissan dealer, but I am guessing the cost will be more for bearings.

Do you guys have a good online part source?

Need help, and appreciate the response.


Is the John Lee Nissan parts online a credible source for parts?
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I have no problem using a lot of Rockauto's part; they are the same as you get from the local auto parts store, just better selection and cheaper prices. As far as the "made in China," that has more to do with the part manufacturers than it does with Rockauto. Nissan uses Timken and NOK bearings in most of their vehicles.
I've bought literally hundreds of parts from Rockauto over the years...and I do have standards as to what parts I purchase. The only problem I've had with their parts is one time when I purchased a set of closeout struts for a Trans-AM and they were old and one was seized, however, they took them back and refunded my money without any question. Rockauto doesn't do anything different than any of the other major part stores. I once new a guy that worked with AC Delco. Did you ever wonder why an AC Delco part, like an alternator, sells for so much cheaper at a store like Advance Auto Parts than it does at a dealer? He told me that whenever the came across an alternator that failed testing on the line, they would pull a given number of alternators made before and after the failed part and sell those of to stores like Advance Auto and Autozone. There may or may not be anything wrong with those other alternators, but it does limit the chances of a defective part ending up in one of their preferred sellers, like GM dealerships. You get what you pay for...or, at least, hope to!
I prefer not to buy Chinese parts, too, but when even brands like Moog start selling parts under their name that were made in China, it can sometimes be a challenge to find parts that weren't made there...and even harder to find parts that were made in the USA. For example, just try to find a radiator (other than all-aluminum performance radiators) that isn't made in China. You might find one that is made in Vietnam, Indonesia or Korea...but will be hard-pressed to find one that is made in North America. Even most of Canada's Spectra Premium radiators are sourced from China. I'm not saying this is something I am happy about, but it is the current state of affairs.
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The axle code will tell you. For example, "HB46" will be a H233B axle with a 4.6:1 ratio. Limited slips came with a sticker on the rear, which may or may not be there any more. If you lift the back of the truck so the wheels are off the ground and put the trans in neutral, you can find out if it's LSD or an open carrier. Grab one of the rear wheels and turn it forward. If the wheel on the other side also turns forward, it's LSD. If it turns in the opposite direction, it's an open carrier.
....good grief!....
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