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Rear Diff. Bearings- Where should I Order from?

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Hey guys, I need to replace some bearings in the diff. on my 2004 Frontier 4x4.

Who is the best source to buy from? Rock Auto if they have them? My mechanic would like to buy direct from the local Nissan dealer, but I am guessing the cost will be more for bearings.

Do you guys have a good online part source?

Need help, and appreciate the response.


Is the John Lee Nissan parts online a credible source for parts?
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For the H233B I got a rear diff install kit from 4x4 parts for like 250 with all the barrings and the seal and rebuilt mine in like a couple hours.

Also where are you in Michigan I might be able to look under and see if its the diff, carrier barring, or wheel barring, Im over in lake orion but travel a bit around the lower half of the state. The carrier barring and wheel barrings are more likely to go out then the diff barrings but if its howling and sounds like gear noise its probably the diff. If you had a bad carrier barring for to long the extra shake could have worn out the barrings on the pinion gear and you would want to look at that and replace if needed.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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