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Rear Diff. Bearings- Where should I Order from?

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Hey guys, I need to replace some bearings in the diff. on my 2004 Frontier 4x4.

Who is the best source to buy from? Rock Auto if they have them? My mechanic would like to buy direct from the local Nissan dealer, but I am guessing the cost will be more for bearings.

Do you guys have a good online part source?

Need help, and appreciate the response.


Is the John Lee Nissan parts online a credible source for parts?
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Not sure yet exactly. Its making a higher pitched howl noise. I have 283,000 miles on it. Could be a few bearings, dunno?
Well if you're looking for bearings, timken makes quality bearings just as good as any oem (oem probably uses timken)

And you can get them for much cheaper than oem

Is there play in the yoke?

But if I were in your situation and was getting a high pitched howling from the rear end,

I would drain the fluid and check for chunks or shavings at the bottom of the housing, then my parts searching would begin based on what the chunks look like. If they look like roller bearings, cages, or races then that's what you'll probably need. If they look like pieces of ring and pinion teeth then I would start looking for a whole junkyard rear end with decent looking oil and no shavings for a direct swap

But that's just me
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