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I need to replace my rear axle seals. But trying to find the correct parts is somewhat unclear to me. Either there were posts for the C200 differential or posts with part numbers that don't seem to exist anymore :(
Was looking for a rebuild kit that I could buy and found one on z1offroad.
This includes the below components:
  • (1) Rear Axle Shaft Outer Bearing
  • (1) Rear Axle Shaft Bearing Spacer
  • (1) Rear Axle Shaft Seal
Would anything else also be needed with this? A pinion seal and nut replacement would also be recommended since I'm there anyway?
A wheel bearing replacement?
Let me know as I'm kinda bumped and disappointed that this needs to be done.
But hey those are the risks when buying a used 2013 Frontier Pro-4X with 151k+ miles on it.

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-Bearing/spacer set (Timken sells them both together)
-Nissan seal
-Parking brake shoes
-Gear oil

Renting a slide hammer is a huge help for removing the axle, and for removing the old bearing race. Using a bearing splitter to remove the old bearing and spacer may be easier than the method involving a dremel/angle grinder and a sold chisel. You'll want access to a shop press as well, or a long length of metal pipe to drive the new bearing onto the axle

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So managed to read the threads for information and what I could conclude is to better do it once and right with better axle/pinion seals. These are the part numbers I got.

Axle seals: YMSS1019
Bearing and spacer set: Timken SET10
Pinion Seal: YMS54458

I'll have to check if the brake shoes need to be replaced but from what I can see and know is that they had to be adjusted (had to pull more for it to engage) but they still work good.
Gear oil (Valvoline 75W140) I have but had to order a differential breather from offroadgorilla. That was the important part of course to prevent this situation from happening again.
I will have to check if I can rent a slide hammer in the area for easy removal of the axles. Not sure if I will be doing the replacement of the parts myself or to take it to a mechanics shop.
Leaning more towards a machine shop since I don't have a press and wouldn't want to scratch the axles.

Now to get some free time so I can start on this job :)
Thanks again for the input!
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