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98 frontier, 4x4, 5sp, 4cyl, CA46 rear end.

I am swapping my rear end for one from a junk yard because mine is cooked. I almost have the old one out and I broke the wheel sensor bolts (both of them) which is not the end of the world. however, I was looking in my FSM and it was showing the ABS sensor in the diff housing.

what's up with this? the diff is out of the exact same truck, year, driveline, even the paint code was the same. I can't look a the diff right now cause it's in the shop, but how many places can the sensors be mounted? if I go from 2 wheel sensors to one diff sensor will I confuse the computer?

Oh yeah, how do those wheel sensors come out. are they like reverse thread or something? the bolts were soft like butter, I expected better from nissan. does the sensor screw into the axle flange or is it a friction fit? what's the best way to get it out?

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