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I have the RF system in a CC form, so I know the factory states 380 watts power, I assume that this is likely a peak power rating. Has anyone actually taken a meter to the speakers to see what the power is coming to the front door and rear door speakers?

I am getting ready to upgrade the speakers and have no interest in replacing the factory RF HU. I'm not looking for competition level quality, but I want to get the most out of the factory "power" that I can. I know that the speakers are getting a 2 ohm load, so it is my plan to replace them with a 2ohm speaker to get the most out of them. I have found an older set of componet speakers (infiniti) rated at 2ohms and the mid bass 6x9 has an RMS of 60 watts. I figured the factory RF HU puts out around 30-40 watts rms, so I think these would be a safe bet. I figured I would skip the infiniti crossover and utilize the RF's and swap out the tweeter (in dash) as well that comes with the it (1 inch). I would then likely try to go for something like the infiniti reference 6020cs or similar for the back doors.

I see the most likely issue being the factory amp being the weak point, but I am not concerned with blowing my doors off or making the kids look at me at a stoplight. I just want to really verify the 2ohm load and componet speaker setup, tossing the crossover for the fronts and guesstimate on the actually rms power from the factory sub are on target.

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