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Rattling Door

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Anyone have issues with a first gen door?

When im driving down the road and hit some bumps the drives door sounds like its loose from the frame. It doesn't move with the body so to speak.

Is this common for the 1st gens, anyone have ideas as to the cause?

Thank you for your time.
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take your door panel off, and tighten the bolts/screws inside. Mine was doing the same thing. I found out that a few bolts and screws had gone loose inside.
i thought i was the only one with rattling windows.. on mine the rubber that surrounds the window has dried up and doesnt support the window at all. When its half way it rattles like a mutha! The dealer wants 76 bucks a piece for that surround weather strpping.
^ Here is my dilemma with that, mine shake like a salt shaker when they are half way down but my window rubber is perfect and they have rattled that way since I got it in 04.
have you checked the felt tracks that go around your window? Per courtesy's nissans site, they extend into the door a good amount. Maybe the're bad inside the door?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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