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My truck has had rattles that feel and sound like anything ranging from something loose in the steering wheel to loose suspension. I have 2005 CC and have been back to the dealer numerous times since the truck had 1500 miles. I know have 11,000 on it and am closing in on the 12month/12,000 mile warrenty mark... Can anyone help me?
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The weights are still there. The time I feel and hear it most going around a curve and slower speeds. I realy think it is more like something loose in the steering wheel like the airbag itself. When the steering wheel is in the verticle position as opposed to the horizontal. I have a nissan rep coming to my dealership friday (nov. 4th), FINALLY! I also have RUST in the engine compartment that my dealer refuses to fix. The battery is spilling from faulty vent caps. They say that warrenty doesn't cover it. Any help would be great. Other than that I love the truck! Nissan and dealer support would make it better.
The truck was on the lot a total of 36 hrs. I bought it Dec. 31st. The first one they got. Big mistake!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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