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Rattle - Drivers side rear door (King Cab) - **UPDATED!**

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Anybody else have a rattle when the door is closed? I noticed that as I'm driving, if I hit a bump, there's slight rattle. I found that when I open the driver door, and shake the rear door, it'll rattle. This is while the rear door is in a closed position. It seems that the lock on the bottom of the rear door is loose...anyone else have this issue or notice that? My passenger side rear door is fine.


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gfronty05 said:
I have a similar problem but its with the crew cab.
Hmmm...I'm gonna take my truck in later this month...I'll let you all know what I's kind of irritating sometimes...
KC_Canuck said:
I don't have a rattle but I do notice the door shakes slightly when hitting a bump causing a rubbing noise. I don't know if its the weatherstripping, the plastic door panel, or something inside that causes this noise. I'm gonna take it to the dealer next week.

If anyone is experiencing the same or has had this issue resolved, please post.
I looked all over for the sound coming from mine...I even took off the rear door panel...but it is definitely the locking mechanism that hold the rear door to the upsidedown U.

When the rear door shakes, does it have kind of a thump sound? That's what I hear as I'm driving...usually it's angled bumps that cause it.
Took my truck in today...and they fixed the problem with the door rattle and the sqeaky leaf springs!

They had to adjust the locking mechanism for the rear driver's side door and adjust the rubber door stop on the bottom of the shuts tight now! Awesome.

They also followed the TSB and greased up the bolts for the squeaky leaf springs.

Overall, I'm very impressed with my first service experience at New City Nissan in Honolulu, HI.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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