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Ranch Tonneau sucks

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i had ordered a hard tonneau from ranch......when it came in(3 weeks later), it had a white spot from a water drop during the painting one inspected the top prior to shipping it out......the dealer then installed it .....again, no one inspected the top prior to install.....

of course i saw it right away....

They offered a couple of hundred bucks off or They could send a new one.....I went with "order a new one"

2 more weeks and it arrived..... but they sent one for a Ford.

I cancelled the deal..........But not for the reason you might think....I canceled it because of the way it fits around the tail gate (over the hamburger emblem)

It looks like SH*T........(SEE PHOTO)

Also it is 4.5" deep and looks like a big chunky top when a low profile top should be "low Profie"........and the side of the tonneau has more waves in it than the pacific is low quality....

thought you top buyers should know.


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