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RAMSEY NISSAN (NJ) - Worst Nissan I've been to.

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ok, let me start out with a couple things to ease some post's I might encounter.

I'm a certified Tech/fabricator and I only bring the truck to Nissan for warranty work. other then that I do all my own work.

now I brought it there for warranty work for these concerns

1.) Overheating (Thought it was part of the powertrain warranty.. engine related stuff like that)

2.) Fuel sending unit recall ( figured I would get it done and over with, I had no issues before this)

3.) Left front bearing making noise

they also said that there is a $135 diag fee if its not covered, I already knew what parts were bad so I asked if a Fan clutch was covered and a bearing.

the very polite lady (BS) says to me "well we won't know if it is if it hasnt been diagnosed."

so I said " well I just want to know if that specific part is covered just in case, so I can gather funds together and im not hit with a surprise bill."

well she said " well we wont know until its diagnosed"

at this point I thought to myself ... ok your no help, a manager might know.

in the end I found out if it was covered or not.

that's it.

now for the fun part of my day.

later on that day I get a call and the same "polite" lady said that I need

1.) Fan clutch
2.) thermostat
3.) New Radiator
4.) Timing chain ( Powertrain warranty )
5.) they fixed the fuel sending unit

Now I go to school in PA at WyoTech as well so I needed to fill up fuel.
I went back to the gas station and went to fill it, the nozzle clicked after 5 seconds and gas poured out the filler tube. Thanks Ramsey Nissan.

end result... I was out $135.22 for the diag fee and It wouldn't take gas.

I fixed my cooling issues with my truck which was a fan clutch and a dirty radiator that the Nissan tech said was oxidized and was "burnt".

I Brought it to Mark Arbuckle Nissan in Indiana,PA and they did a fantastic job in fixing Ramsey's Mess up's

it now accepts fuel. and they changed my rear axle cause there was play in the bearing. they didnt say anything about the timing chain or my front hub. which Ramsey couldnt hear cause of my exhaust. :-/

so moral of the story... Don't go to Ramsey Nissan on 17 South if you want your truck fixed properly.

they also gave me on that new axle...

New parking brake...and new pads lol

for free courtesy of the Powertrain warranty lol
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I will say that 23 automall does a good job (thanks mostly to the parts dept. :) ) If you do go there, get the service order written up by Patty, shes a sweetheart. and yes, Ramsey nissan is a joke. Their service dept cant diagnose anything(I get customers at work that went there, then came to me by reference from THEM), they have a pretty decent parts guy there named Jake. Sorry Chooch, they are closer to my work than you guys, my personal stuff comes from you though!
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