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2014 Frontier SV CC 4x4 "KEIRA" Build Thread
Thanks for stopping by and welcome =)

VISITORS PLEASE NOTE: I have created a standalone project:KEIRA website to continue this build thread. I will still add preview updates in this original forum thread but the bulk of the newer posts, How-To's, and other information will be on the project:KEIRA website, not Club Frontier.

LATEST UPDATE 07.09.2020: (#933) Push Button Night Lights

Buy a truck, do stuff, take pictures, and end up with a build thread… by the time I started this thread I’ve had my truck for a little over a year now, and I’ve been steadily doing stuff to it since the first day I drove it home so I decided it was time to make my own build thread to keep track of everything I’m doing. Speaking of the beginning… without getting too complicated, I had a change in lifestyle. I started mountain biking, I started camping, and I started to realize that having a lowered SC300 was no longer practical. I was always a Nissan guy at heart (previously had a Maxima, Pathfinder, 200SX SE-R, 240SX... don't ask me how a Lexus got in there) so I knew the next vehicle was going to be a Nissan Frontier. That said, what basically happened next was:

NOTE –This is my third vehicle named “Keira” because I'm in love with Keira Knightley. I had a Nissan 240SX named "Keira", my Lexus SC300 was named “Keira”, and now my Frontier is named "Keira." We’ll just leave it at that. Ok - with the intro out of the way, let's get to the thread, listed from oldest to current. Oh, and feel free to comment or ask questions if you like :)

YEAR: 2014
MAKE: Starts with an “N”
MODEL: Frontier
TRIM: SV 4x4 Crew Cab
COLOR: Night Armor


NOTE: The number at the beginning of the list items below denotes the original post # in this thread; the links will now take you to the new website.

(#179) Bilstein 5125 Custom Length Rear Shocks (for 2-3" Lift)
(#179) PRG/Deaver 2-leaf AAL (for 2.5" Lift)
(#179) Nisstec 2.5-degree Axle Shims
(#179) Nisstec Zinc-Plated 7.5" U-Bolts
(#185) OEM Nissan LCA Camber/Caster Bolts
(#203) King Off-Road Custom 2.5" Coilovers w/ Compression Adjustment
(#221) OEM Front Sway Bar Removed
(#235) King Shocks Suspension Down Travel Notes
(#318) PRG 1/2" Front Lift Spacers
(#455) Custom External Mounts for King Reservoirs
(#553) Custom External Reservoir LED Accent Lamps
(#890) SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms (UCAs)

(#130) Level 8 Bully Pro 6 Wheels
(#142) R1 Motorsports Drilled & Slotted Rotors
(#142) Red Painted Brake Calipers
(#601) Modded FJ Spare Tire cover
(#901) Hankook DynaPro AT-M (RF10) Tires
(#906) New Hubcentric Rings and Lug Nuts

(#006) Truxedo LoPro Qt Tonneau Cover
(#006) Genuime NIssan Side Step Rails
(#006) Genuine Nissan Front & Rear Splash Guards
(#006) Genuine Nissan Side Window Deflector Set
(#008) Rocky Mounts Clutch SD Bike Mounts
(#080) Firestik NGP External CB Antenna
(#105) Mitsuba SH-1/SL-1 Truck Horns
(#114) White Rhino Fabrication Light Bar
(#153) Genuine Nissan Pro-4X Oil Pan Skid Plate
(#153) Genuine Nissan Pro-4X Transfer Case Skid Plate
(#245) Genuine Nissan Titan "4x4 Off-Road" Decals
(#454) Painted OEM Radiator Skid Plate
(#463) P&P Front Recovery Points
(#624) Dee Zee Heavy Duty Fitted Truck Bed Mat

(#018) LED Interior Bulbs
(#018) Phillips White Vision LED Reverse Bulbs
(#018) UtiliTrack Bed LED Lights
(#066) LED Footwell and Under-Seat Display Lights
(#113) Genuine Nissan Xterra "Off-Road Lamps" Switch
(#118) PIAA 520 ATP 6” Off-Road Lamps
(#426) PIAA 520 ATP Custom Wire Wrap
(#431) Rigid Industries D-Series LED Driving Lamps
(#553) Custom External Reservoir LED Accent Lamps
(#747) Katana LED Headlamp Bulb Upgrade
(#933) Push Button Night Lights

(#007) UltraGauge EM-Plus OBD2 Monitor
(#026) Dynamat Extreme Sound Deadener (Doors)
(#034) Dynamat Extreme Sound Deadener (Rear Wall and Floor)
(#078) Midland 75-822 In-Cabin/Handheld CB Radio
(#149) Raingler Rear Passenger Headrest Handles
(#665) Center Armrest Cloth Cover

(#022) JL Audio 10TW-1 10" Subwoofers (2X)
(#022) Alpine PDX-V9 5-Channel 1000w Class-D Amplifier
(#043) Modified OEM Bluetooth Microphone
(#043) Working OEM Steering Wheel Controls
(#043) Working OEM USB Port w/Audio
(#043) Working OEM Back-up Camera
(#398) JL Audio TWK-88 Digital Signal Processor
(#399) Hertz Audio Hi Energy HSK-165 6.5” Component System
(#401) Hertz Audio Dieci DCX-165.3 6.5" Coaxial Speakers
(#425) Pyle PLCM38FRV "Shuttle Camera"
(#485) Under-seat Amp and DSP Platforms
(#584) Super NES Classic Retro Gaming Console
(#642) Soundstream ST2.1000D 2-Channel Amplifier
(#656) SiriusXM SXV-300 Satellite Tuner
(#859) Kenwood Excelon Ref. Series XR DNX-995S Navigation Head Unit

(#014) Custom Power Tailgate Lock Mod
(#080) Firestik NGP Custom OEM Location Install
(#095) Fabricated Custom Mounting Base for Firestik NGP CB Antenna
(#141) Quickie Firestik Antenna Shrink Mod
(#152) Trimming For Tire Clearance (Fenders), Part 1
(#169) Trimming For Tire Clearance (Front Lip), Part 2
(#171) Trimming For Tire Clearance (Fender Liners), Part 3
(#177) Trimming For Tire Clearance (Splash Guards), Part 4
(#454) Painted OEM Radiator Skid Plate
(#455) Custom External Mounts for King Reservoirs
(#601) Modded FJ Cruiser Spare Tire cover
(#634) System Refresh, Day 1 - Cable Management
(#641) System Refresh, Day 2 - Upholstered A/V Panels
(#642) System Refresh, Day 3 - New Rear Fill Amplifier
(#643) System Refresh, Day 4 - Bass Controller + Voltmeter
(#644) System Refresh, Day 5 - Reinstalling Everything
(#696) Custom Speaker Pods for Hertz HT-25 Tweeters, Part 1
(#701) Custom Speaker Pods for Hertz HT-25 Tweeters, Part 2
(#847) Custom Mounted JL TWK-88 Control Knob and LED

(#006) Stant Locking Gas Cap
(#109) Blue Sea Systems 6-Circuit ST-Blade Fuse Block
(#122) Engine Block Ground Replacement Cable
(#496) Off-Road Gorilla Hood Strut Kit
(#595) Interstate 640 CCA Battery

The End-All Guide to Camber Bolts and UCAs for 2nd-Gen Lifted Frontiers
Why Outside Mounted Window Deflector Visors are Better
(#013) How-To: Trailer Plug Relocation Mod
(#018) How-To: Trailer Plug Bracket Delete Mod
(#067) How-To: Rear Axle Vent / Diff Breather Mod
(#072) How-To: Navara Emblem Swap
(#173) How-To: Install or Swap Fog Lamps
(#328) How-To: Genuine Nissan Rogue Key Swap
(#328) How-To: Program Your New Rogue/Switchblade Key Remote
(#411) How-To: Nissan "Switchblade" Flip Key Swap
(#536) How-To: EZ-Down Tailgate Damper Kit Install
(#565) How-To: Program an OEM Nissan Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS)
(#747) How-To: Aim Your Frontier Headlamps the Correct Way

(#004) The First Day Home
(#021) Mountain Biking at M-Trail, Riverside, CA
(#068) Getting Lost in Cleghorn Ridge, San Bernardino Mountains, CA
(#073) Mountain Biking at Snow Summit, Big Bear, CA
(#079) Camping in Cleveland National Forest, CA
(#088) Azusa Canyon OHV Exploring, San Gabriel Canyon, CA
(#108) Return to Cleghorn Ridge, San Bernardino Mountains, CA
(#123) Mountain Biking at Marshall Canyon, La Verne, CA
(#140) Some Photos Before the Rain at Pomona, CA
(#162) Lytle Creek Afternoon Trail Run, San Bernardino Mountains, CA
(#207) Return to Azusa OHV with New Suspension, San Gabriel Canyon, CA
(#263) Silverwood Trail Run, San Bernardino, CA
(#797) My Truck on the White Rhino Fabrication Website

(#375) The Other "Ride": Commencal Meta V4 Mountain Bike
(#520) The New "Mod Stopper": 2018 Commencal Supreme SX
(#861) Another Distraction: Commencal Meta Power 29

(#006) OEM Nissan Wheel Lock Set
(#011) How-To: Custom Center Dash Phone Holder
(#012) Audio Control Epicenter Processor
(#012) JL Audio XD300/1v2 Mono Amplifier
(#012) Kicker C10 Subwoofers x2
(#012) ASC Prefab Dual Subwoofer Enclosure
(#018) Phillips Crystal Vision Headlamp Bulbs
(#018) Phillips Crystal Vision Foglamp Bulbs
(#021) Pipeline Rail Rack Bike Holder
(#022) Alpine RUX Control Knob
(#042) Image Dynamics CXS v.2 6.5” Components
(#042) Custom Upper Dash Speaker Mounts
(#043) Kenwood Excelon DNX-892 Navigation Head Unit
(#043) Amazon Fire TV
(#043) Forward Facing Camera
(#061) MiniDSP DSP 2-Channel Processor
(#061) MiniDC Regulated Power Supply
(#131) BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tires
(#173) Morimoto XB Type-S LED Fog Lamps
(#173) Lamin-X Yellow Fog Lamp Overlays
(#185) Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
(#241) Remote HDMI+USB Connector
(#303) White Knuckle Off-Road DOM Steel Rock Sliders
(#305) Hi-Tech Industries GT-5000 Traction Tape
(#485) Kenwood KAC-M3004 2-Channel Amplifier
(#643) CT Sounds Universal Bass Knob w/Voltmeter

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Looks good. What size tires?

It's about time...geez! Just kidding. Good start. Looking forward to the rest. :thumbup:
It's going to take longer than I thought because of the automerge, jeniorNV said it's about a 5 minute gap before it resets and lets me post consecutively.

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Welcome to the fun and torture of documenting how much money you've spent and what you spent it on : )
And nice bike!

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Welcome to the fun and torture of documenting how much money you've spent and what you spent it on : )
And nice bike!
Oh I already know this feeling well - did the same thing for my SC300 on the Lexus forums a few years back. It's a vicious cycle. It hurts but we keep doing it haha

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Where'd you get the sub enclosure?

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Thank you sir!

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What did you do about the trailer plug bracket afterwards? did you cut it off?

Chopped off as much as I can, blended it in with Steelstik, then painted with matte black spray paint (info added to the trailer plug post, above):

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