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hi guys
Long time lurker, first time poster.

This topic has been cover ad nauseum and I have been scouring CF and google for days and I cant find an answer to a simple question:

Can I replace my 2006 Rockford Fosgate stereo with a stock 2007 Rockford Fosgate head unit (has AUX capabilities) into my 2006 truck? Then wire in an AUX jack?
Will the wiring harnses match? Steering controls?

That said, there has been lots of talk about PAC units and FM transmitters and after market head units. All I want to do is a plug-and-play swap ('06 for '07), run the 3 wires necessary for an AUX jack out of the back of the 2007 unit and be done. The stock 2007 RockFos units are all over Ebay (many labeled incorrectly) and for fair prices.

Music in my truck sounds great, and I don't want to mess with the sub or stock amp. I'd like to just keep it as stock as possible. But after having this truck for 11 years, I need my Pandora and Amazon music.

Has anyone tried it?

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