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I went and played in the mud with the truck. Was a blast. It overheated when I got stuck. I thought it was from just too high of revving the motor. Soon as I was pulled out and on my way home the motor cooled way down I believe from the fresh air going through it. Well I idled the truck and revved it up at home afterwards, there was no fan activity. Also no overheating whatsoever.

I hot wired the fan to the battery and the fan worked fine. So I wired the fan directly to the ignition. Now when the truck's battery is turned on or running the fan always runs. I know this is a pretty good safety measure for overheating. I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with this or if it will be bad in the winter time? I also would like to know what failed to cause the fan not to turn on? Is it the coolant temp sensor or something like that?
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