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Radiator caps

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Our VQ40 has 2 radiator looking caps.
The one on the radiator is just a cap with a rubber seal.
The overflow has the internal spring/relief valve.
I've never seen that before. I didnt think the overflow would be part of the pressurised system.
Are my caps on correctly?
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Yes the cap on the radiator is only a seal. The spring loaded cap goes on the reserve bottle to pressurize.
A spring cap on the radiator will cause the truck to overheat.

They only go on one way; cannot be reversed.
Not correct. There was a member who put a spring loaded pressure cap on the radiator and overheated.
The cap with the rubber seal on the radiator and the traditional cap with the spring goes on the bottle on the fender.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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