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Hey Greg
Finally got off my butt and installed the Radflos with the 500lb springs.
I ran into a small issue. If I leave the truck at stock height the shocks are botteming out( hitting the shock bump stops) at almost all bumps. I have had to raise them up a little just to stop that . Now my question is how much shock travel should I class as the minimum amount?

Oh yeah on a different front is there any difference chassis wise between the 4x2 and the 4x4 that you know of?Some of the local companies are giving interresting info.
As far as I know the Spanish built D40 and the Fronty are damm close to being the same. But as far as I was aware its the same chassis on both 4x4 and 4x2 but I was told today the chassis itself and LCA are actually different. Honestly cant see it myself
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