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quick pic of the progress thus far.

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so bought the truck a few months back from a private party. it was totally stock. 2005 le pretty much all the bells and whisles. boring... needed a face lift in my opinion. :)

here she is as of now. soon to have 15" black crawler wheels and maybe 35's.

the skid plate and bumper are all completely custom and self made. built in my garage. I used 1/8" wall steel tube mounted to 1/4" steel brackets tied into the factory bumper mounts and the skid is 1/8" 6 series aluminum. not exactly the strongest bumper ever made, but holds up well on the trails.



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looks good...nice job
what lift are you wanting to run with 35s?

nice bumper, hows oil changes?
not sure about a lift yet. ive already done 3" spacers in the front and new shackles in the back.

and oil changes arent too bad. the skid comes off really easily.

I don't know if 15" wheels will fit. The brakes might be too big.
hmmm good point. didnt really think of that. well guess ill have to check around and see what works. check the local 4x4 store and see if they can find anything.
nice work.
hey chris you aren't in or around fayetteville ar by chance. nice truck though
I don't know if 15" wheels will fit. The brakes might be too big.
I have 15in on my 05 with 33x12.5 tires
nope im in vancouver... washington. not the good one. :)

hey frontin40 whats the specs on those wheels and tires. you running spacers or anything or do they just have the right offset.

The wheels 15x12.5 with a -84 offset. But 15s will fit as long if it clears the brakes. You might want to check out black rock wheels if you really have your mind set on getting 15s.
Looking good Supermac! I need to do some more work on mine it has been feeling neglected this winter.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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