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This is a quick alternator rebuild how-to for trail-side repairs, or alternators that suddenly stop charging. More often than not when alternators stop charging, it is because the brushes get stuck by mud or debri. The way to fix this is to take it apart, and free up the brushes.

Start by cracking open the case (8mm bolts)

Notice how the brushes are stuck down. They are supposed to be able to pop up almost an inch when they move freely, so these are definitely jammed up.

Spray some brake cleaner or wd40 in there, and push down on the brushes w/ some sort of tool. The idea here is to move the brushes around so the debri comes out and the cleaner/ lubricant works its way down. After pushing down on the brushes several times, they will free up and pop all the way out where they are supposed to be.

Now is the tricky part. Put a paper clip in this small hole in the back and get ready for the tedious part.

At the same time that you are pushing the paper clip in the back, push down on the brushes. They have a groove in the middle of them so that the paper clip can slide through it adn hold them down. Work with it until the paper clip slides through and is holding the brushes down.

Now you can reassemble the alternator. The last step is to pull the paper clip out so that the brushes spring back up into place. DONE. You have successfully fixed your alternator. This alternator was the one I took off of Mudflaps truck after the Eglin ride. His stopped charging, so I put my spare on his truck. Tools for the job include 8mm socket, hammer, and paper clip (and whatever you need to take it off the truck).
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