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I'm new to this post - was looking at F-150's for a while until Gas prices went nuts.

I've been doing a lot of research and I've narrowed down to the Frontier.

I need a 5,000 pound tow rating (Has it)
I need reasonable gas mileage (V6 4.0L 265HP does it for me)
I like the styling
I like to sit high (Currently have a Focus ZX3 - GREAT Mileage)

Gas mileage says 16/21 - What are the real mileage facts?
What kind of gas does it require (PLEASE tell me Regular!)
Towing: Does anyone tow with this truck?
If yes, how much weight? What are you towing? I'll be towing a pop-up camper (3,500 lbs approx)
What kind of pricing are you folks getting?

I wish it came in Green!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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welcome jimmy, i have the old 3.3 v6 and it towed 4000lbs truck just fine.
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