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So Ive been searching for some new leaf springs and just haven't gotten a real grasp on the damn things.

I have thought about buying these : General Spring | 2005-2016 Nissan Frontier Leaf Springs Rear

Im running rough countrys lift 2.5 front with 1.5 shackles in the back. My shocks are pretty shot as well. I just want to know from members with more experience on which route to take. My plan was to purchase those leafs and get the deavers aal. I don't know if I want to take the shackles off so thats a thing to think about. If i left them on, which type of shocks would fit best and retain the best ride?

Running with a 2011 SV 4x4.

Any info will be appreciated. Ive been on all different threads on here trying to gain knowledge, but I haven't messed too much with anything underneath except installing the leveling kit.
Thank you in advance.
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