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Ummmm, that is about all wrong, lol.

The VQ40 has a timing chain that is a pain to change. It requires breaking down the entire front half of the motor to get to it. It is simply a part that you don't touch until you have an issue (supercharger whine).

The water pump is another internal item. It also requires breaking down the front half of the motor and .... you get the picture.

The Tstat is an easy thing to do thou. I'm too lazy to click your link so I assume you have the correct part. If you want to upgrade thou, get a 350z Tstat instead. It opens a little sooner then the Frontier's.

The belt you listed is the serpentine belt. I would go and get a gatorback instead of oem. Its just cheaper and works better.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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