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Question or Opinions "is this Normal?"

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Good evening all,

Quick question for any of you that may know. Please look at the attached pictures and let me know if you think this is "Normal" as the tech at Nissan told me the other day. Metal Wire
and here is what it looks like cleaned off
. I have been in the industry for many years and I have my opinion just wondering what you all think.

Truck info, 2013 SL with 30K miles (do all the fluids every 30K) same as I have done on my 07 since day one.
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It's a 2wd and the rear diff plug, seems a little excessive to me. I noticed a deceleration noise (whine) over the past month or so but the dealer kept the truck 2 days and first said they herd it and it may be the pinion bearing and then suddenly the next day they can't hear any noise. Got back in the truck and heard it right after leaving the dealer. Did they change anything in the differential from 07 to now? Not sure but my 07 never had this much build up. Thank you for your responses and insight, a little frustrated now for sure.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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