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Question on coilover lift and front prerunner bumper

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2nd gen frontier:

Looking to do a 4x4 coilover / leaf lift for 3'' in the front and 2'' in the back. I have the option of Upper A's from calmini, prg or total chaos. Which do you feel is best? What brand of shock is best from SAW, RADFLO, BILSTEIN etc?

Will AAL's for 2'' on the rear springs suffice or is it better to invest for a new spring setup?

Lastly I'm looking for a prerunner style front bumper much like the calmini one that ended in 07. Does anyone know a mfg that still makes one for a 2010 frontier?
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Icon with the TC UCAs and 3 pack aal is what I would do.

as for a pre runner bumper calmini's shipping is really slow and that I know of no one has a pre runner bumper for the 09+ though you should be able to find a fab shop that can built one up for ya
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Are you looking for the "prerunner" style or performance?

As for shocks; King, Fox, SwayAway, and Radflo are all on par with each other...just pick which color you like best. Although, if you are near the ocean or a lot of salt, SwayAway's bodies tend to rust quicker than others.

For the rear suspension, a full spring replacement will serve you much better than any AAL if you are looking for performance. PRG and Giant offer some very nice options depending on your budget; or you could go with a custom pack from a company like Deaver or National.

For upper arms, if you intent to beat on the truck, PRG's heimed arms are the only way to go. If you do some occasional, fairly mild, offroading then the PRG or TC arms with standard bushings will save you a few bucks.
I got a fab shop that wants to start make us some prerunner bumpers, if you live in SoCal.. Also got an AAL I'll sell you..
Well I went with the PRG UCA purely because its fully adjustable and all joints are easy to replace .
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