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Question for Titan-swappers

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I'm still mulling over what I want to do to my Frontier. A full Titan swap is off the table, but I am admittedly annoyed with the bolt-pattern change for the wheels compared to the D21/D22 trucks, plus the reduced aftermarket support for the hubs with the 6 on 4.5" wheel stud pattern. The Titan and the other bigger F-alpha platforms continue to use 6 on 5.5", but the hubs don't just interchange, the Frontier uses an offset four-bolt pattern to attach the hub to the steering knuckle while the Titan uses a three-bolt pattern.

That got me wondering about the steering knuckles themselves. Have any of you Titan swappers compared the Frontier steering knuckles with the Titan steering knuckles? I'm curious if they continue to use roughly the same distance between the balljoint studs, if the steering link attachment is in the same place, and if the hub center hole is roughly in the same place, such that one could swap bolt-patterns by swapping steering knuckles without having to swap control arms. That would allow the wheels to remain tucked-under the truck in the wheel wells, but would offer a much greater selection of wheels and possibly things like manual locking front hubs.

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I came from a Hardbody as well, as the new bolt pattern really pissed me off when I first bought my truck. However I am over it now and it doesn't bother me anymore. I could see if you were shopping for used or new aftermarket wheels that can be an issue and limit your selection. Or if you had a bunch of wheel from your HB that you wanted to use on the D40. However the 6x4.5" pattern is not that rare. Dodges use it for their mid size trucks and SUVs. Dakotas and Durangns.

As for the knuckles. Yes they are swappable. I think the main issue is the hub and CV axle interface. I think the splines and ends are different. You would have to also swap in a m205 diff. Brakes are different too (?).
I don't think it is worth it.
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