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question for BC area people

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hey guys and gals, Im a new member here, and I was wondering if theres anyone in the bc area that knows some good places to go off-roading?
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whereabouts is hollister hills? Ill do a search for it. thanks.
if its near you thatld be a fair ways to drive. Im sure theres some good stuff in and around whistler and farther east in the valley.
hey thanks for the link and book title. Ill have to pick one up for BC, and wherever my new home will be in canada.
thanks whistler ive flown from pemberton to lilloet, down to harrison lake and it looks like itld be a great drive to do. what would it take to drive? couple of hours to a day? welcome to richmond accel, what made you move up here? just a suggestion, avoid driving north on #3rd past lansdown road because it becomes a parking lot with the local drivers and all the construction. if you can drive in richmond, you can drive anywhere.
atom, nah im not an us citizen, bc born and raised! thanks whistler. are skids req'd, thats the one thing i need on my truck that i dont have yet.
-if youre thinkin sunday the 6th, unfortunatly i couldnt do that day as mondy mornin im up at 4am for work. either sat the 5th will work or sunday the 13th will work. its hell gettin to sleep on sundays to get up that damned early on mondays, im one of thos night owls which makes this tough.
-accel, do you have a storm grey colored fronty? youre pretty close to my area, im in the area of williams and railway. in richmond theres lots of pathetic drivers. theyll be in the left turn lane, then suddenly they change thir minds, and turn right across 2 lanes of traffic to go right. that sorta crap. man theres days i wish i had the power to pull drivers licences permanently :) ah well.
the 20th works for me. about 2 blocks away from me lives a guy who was workin with an icbc person to get people licences. people who would normally fail exams in 3 minutes. but i refer to those people as crackerjacks. you know how theres crackerjack boxes, that have prizes in them. ive always tried to find the damn prize yet cant get anything. these people go into stores, buy the boxes and find friggen drivers licences in them.
i missed that one thanks for pointin it out. west harrison on monday would work then.
1 - 9 of 37 Posts
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