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question for BC area people

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hey guys and gals, Im a new member here, and I was wondering if theres anyone in the bc area that knows some good places to go off-roading?
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I just moved from Socal to Richmond B.C. (just south of Vancouver) with my NISMO Fronty and havent had a chance to even look for anything worthwhile since I've been up here.

Let me know if you find anything and/or want a wheelin partner.
WhistlerWzrd said:
Westcoastie, you won't be needing skids if you stay on the main road, if you take the other roads like to 5 mile bay, or up towards sloquet hotsprings you might need them. Plan on 5 or 6 hours for the trip to Lilooet, if you do it during the week watch out for logging trucks. Pack a lunch, and bring along rain gear if there is one cloud in the sky.
When do you plan on doing West Harrison? if it's a Sunday I might be persuaded to join you.
Lets do it next sunday :), My girlfriend is flying up to visit me for the week, she gets in on friday, and I'm having trouble figuring out things to do.

westcoastie said:
welcome to richmond accel, what made you move up here? just a suggestion, avoid driving north on #3rd past lansdown road because it becomes a parking lot with the local drivers and all the construction. if you can drive in richmond, you can drive anywhere.
I moved for work, I have somewhat of a specialized job in the entertainment industry, of which there is lots of work, but no one local to do it, so the company trained me with knowledge that I would move here. I'm freelance though.

And I learned to drive in Southern California, so Richmond is a walk in the park. The construction and traffic up #3 dosnt seem that bad, but I dont really have a reason to go up there much except to hit up Best Buy or whatever else. My condo is in Steveston, off #2 and Andrews.

atom said:
westcoastie and accel, are you guys originally US citizens? why and how did you manage to move up to BC? my fiancee is a dual-citizen US/Canada. We were looking into moving to BC but its next to impossible for me to get into canada to live and work....let alone the job market in canada isnt too great.
I have dual, born in Canada, lived in California most of my life, moved about a month ago.
westcoastie said:
-if youre thinkin sunday the 6th, unfortunatly i couldnt do that day as mondy mornin im up at 4am for work. either sat the 5th will work or sunday the 13th will work. its hell gettin to sleep on sundays to get up that damned early on mondays, im one of thos night owls which makes this tough.
-accel, do you have a storm grey colored fronty? youre pretty close to my area, im in the area of williams and railway. in richmond theres lots of pathetic drivers. theyll be in the left turn lane, then suddenly they change thir minds, and turn right across 2 lanes of traffic to go right. that sorta crap. man theres days i wish i had the power to pull drivers licences permanently :) ah well.
Nope, my Fronty is blue, and it has California plates on it. And I've delt with people that stupid forever, I can just keep my cool though, it isn't that bad.
WhistlerWzrd said:
Sunday the 13th is good for the Wizard, Westcoastie, you don't need a license to drive in Richmond. I have heard that some Richmond families have one license that everybody uses.
Cant go on the 13th here, thats the day my girlfriend leaves, I think in the middle of the day.
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